28 Jul

Central London Dentist Discusses how Lumineers can Help You

A good set of teeth and a smile will take you far in life but unfortunately for many of us this does not come naturally. Even when taking the best possible care of our teeth they can still become discoloured. For some even braces cannot make our teeth perfectly aligned. Lumineers offer the possibility of giving you that row of gorgeous straight, white teeth that will shine when you smile.
Lumineers are a type of veneers that are placed over the surface of your teeth. Once secured in place they look like natural, yet perfect, teeth. Traditional veneers involve the removal of a thin layer of enamel from the surface of your teeth, over top of which the veneer is placed. The danger with these is that if the veneer is ever removed, whether purposefully or accidentally, then the original surface (and protective element) of the tooth no longer exists, there will be no going back. Recognising this downside, Lumineers are created out of a much stronger, especially patented, form of cerinate porcelain that allow it be cut into incredibly thin slices. The thinness of the slices means that the Lumineers can be joined directly to the surface enamel of your teeth without the need to remove anything. And so, your original teeth will remain intact. The process is quick and will not require any form of anaesthetic.
Available at your Central London dentist you should make an appointment for a consultation to explore whether Lumineers would give you the smile you desire.