25 Jul

Central London Dentist Offers Root Canal Treatment for Tooth Abscess

All it takes is a simple examination for your Central London dentist to diagnose tooth abscess. If caught early, treatment for tooth abscess will be less time and money consuming. It will also be less painful for you, the patient. Your dentist may ask you to get x-rays in order to determine how severe the infection is. Tooth abscess can spread infection to bone around the tooth, and in the worst cases can spread from tooth, to jaw, to the rest of your body.
The most common treatment for a tooth abscess is a root canal. The procedure is relatively simple and involves your dentist drilling into the tooth to drain the infection and clean out the area, they will then place a filling or crown over the previously infected area to stop reinfection and protect the tooth in the future. In more severe cases of tooth abscess, patients will lose their infected tooth and the infection will need to be drained through the empty socket. Draining the infection through a small incision in the gums is an alternative procedure. Healing is aided by antibiotics to prevent further infection. Pain medication is also prescribed or taken over the counter. Some dentists recommend gargling with warm salt water to help with pain and swelling during the healing process.
Tooth abscess is a serious cause for concern and should be discussed with your dentist straight away. Luckily the main forms of treatments can normally be performed quickly and on the spot, and although recovery may take a few days in total, you will notice an immediate relief of pain and swelling from the removal of the infection.