05 Jun

Central London Dentist Talks About Dental Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body undergoes a huge amount of changes. If possible it is best to consider your short term dental needs before becoming pregnant. Have a check up and inform your Central London dentist of your intention to get pregnant and they will be able to talk you through any important information you may need to know. While it is not necessarily a problem to have dental work done when pregnant, if any dental problems are found during the check up it will give you the opportunity to address them before you become pregnant, saving the additional hassle of dealing with dental problems during the pregnancy.
During your pregnancy routine dental care can be undertaken during the second trimester. Unless it is essential it is advisable not to have dental treatments during the first or second half of third trimester as a precaution. Your dentist will be able to tell you which procedures are perfectly safe and which are ill-advised (such as dental x-rays). If any dental work is required your dentist will be able to select prescription drugs that are appropriate for pregnant women.
You may find that different types of dental issues arise due to pregnancy. The hormonal changes that your body has when pregnant can increase the likelihood of gum disease, so it is important to be extra vigilant about cleaning your teeth and gums. Morning sickness can cause acid erosion on your teeth and so they must cleaned regularly, a neutral flavour can be used if necessary. A healthy, balanced diet is essential for not only your dental hygiene while pregnant but also for your entire body and your baby.