03 Mar

Central London dentists can advise you about central apnea

If you find that you are having trouble sleeping all through the night because you are waking up frequently then it is possible that you are suffering from some form of apnea. Apnea is a condition which causes your brain to force you into waking up in the night because it is not receiving a sufficient flow of oxygen.
There are two main types of apnea and they are called sleep apnea and central apnea. Dentists can help by diagnosing patients with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is caused by the muscles at the rear of the mouth relaxing during sleep to the point where oxygen cannot be drawn into the lungs properly. This causes the brain to send a signal to wake the sufferer up. It is a condition which is more common among smokers and those who drink alcohol before sleeping.
It is condition which can impact the life of the patient by causing them to be fatigued during the day and increase the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. It is usually easily dealt with by the patient wearing a special device while the sleep to ensure the flow of oxygen is unhindered.
Central apnea is a more serious variant and is not directly a result of the muscles at the rear of the mouth. Instead it has to do with the nervous system and is usually experienced along with other, serious health conditions such as heart disease and obesity. If it is determined that you are experiencing apnea then your dentist can examine your mouth to see if it is of the sleep or the central variety.
If you are worried about central apnea then you should contact your Central London dentist to make appointment.