04 May

Central London dentists carry out emergency tooth extractions safely and effectively

If you are suffering from severe and prolonged dental pain then it is possible that you might need to have a tooth extracted by your dentist. This might be the result of an accident which affected your mouth and so damaged a tooth that is has lost functionality and your nerves are beginning to be interfered with. It is not a decision that your dentist will take lightly as they always strive to try and keep all of your teeth in your mouth. But in some cases the tooth is causing more harm than good by being in your mouth and your dentist will want to ensure that no further complications can arise as a result of the damaged tooth.
It is understandably something that many patients feel rather apprehensive about prior to the procedure taking place. Tooth extraction will always be carried out under some form of anaesthetic which prevents the patient from feeling pain. Generally this will be local anaesthetic, administered as an injection. If general anaesthetic is required so that the patient is essentially unconscious during the procedure then it will have to take place in a hospital rather than the dental surgery.
Your Central London dentist will have carried out this procedure many times before and will be expert in how best to do it. Essentially the troublesome tooth is grasped securely by a pair of forceps and gradually moved from side to side until it has come free. Sometimes the dentist will have to use another device to widen the hole in which the tooth is housed so that better purchase can be achieved with the forceps. It is not something most people will have to go through in their lives but you can rest assured that your dentist will always have your safety and comfort in the forefront of their mind.