13 Dec

Central London dentists create incredible smiles using Enlighten tooth whitening

For those wanting the confidence boost that comes with having a perfect, white smile, teeth whitening procedures have been available for a long time. Even if you follow the recommended routine of brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, over time the colour of your teeth will fade. Oral hygiene or general health problems can make this worse too. The greatest improvement in teeth whitening procedures is Enlighten tooth whitening, available from your Central London dentist today.
It has become extremely popular in the United States as it is able to restore your teeth to what dentists call B1, the whitest possible tone of tooth colour. It doesn’t matter how stained or dull your teeth have become Enlighten tooth whitening can restore them. They use special trays filled with whitening gel. These trays are tight fitting to stop saliva interfering and ensure that maximum contact between teeth and gel is maintained during the treatment.
A mould will be taken of your teeth so that the trays can be specially constructed for your unique mouth. Once you have the trays they will need to be worn, with gel, for every night for two whole weeks. After the fortnight, you will see your dentist for a forty minute appointment and the main treatment is over. The Enlighten team recommend, however, that you continue wearing the trays for one night out of every forty to get the very best results.
If you have dull or stained teeth and are interested in restoring the brilliance of your smile, contact your Central London dentist and ask about Enlighten tooth whitening.