03 Dec

Central London dentists effectively fit false teeth with new CEREC technology

In the past, having a false tooth or teeth fitted could be a lengthy process as you had to wait several weeks for new crowns, veneers, onlays and underlays to be made. With a new procedure available in Central London you could have your false tooth or teeth fitted in just a single visit to your dentist that will see you well on the way to your perfect smile.
CEREC technology is different to the old methods of using dental putty to take moulds and impressions of your teeth. Digital images are taken which use the latest, cutting edge technology. The 3D views of your teeth which CEREC gives to your dentist are superior to normal x-rays and mean that repeated x-rays are no needed to get different vantage points on your mouth. The 3D images are sent to an online milling machine and, in just six minutes, a replacement tooth is fabricated using high quality ceramics.
The replacement tooth will be suited to your mouth as the dentist takes note of the shade of texture of your surrounding teeth. In this way CEREC allows for discreet results and only one set of anaesthetic injections is required. The whole process takes place in about an hour and the cost is similar to traditional methods because of the single visit and lack of lab fees. With many dentists offering interest-free repayment plans, the cost of crowns (from £380 to £700) are more affordable than ever.
Ask your Central London dentist today about how CEREC methods can give you durable and stylish false teeth in just one visit without having to wear inconvenient replacements.