12 May

Central London dentists fashion custom bleaching trays for patients to whiten teeth with

Staining of teeth and the fading of the sparkling white of your youth, is just a fact of life and is as likely to occur as hair becoming dull and grey. Activities such as drinking coffee, cola, tea and red wine and smoking can exacerbate the problem but most of us will experience a process of increasing dullness no matter what. Any look in a supermarket or on a website will show you that teeth whitening kits are readily available and many are quite affordable too. Your local dentist will also offer procedures which have the same effects too. The tricky thing is deciding which one of the treatments you will choose.
Most teeth whitening essentially comprises trays that are worn over your teeth, usually nocturnally, while being filled with special gel that removes stains and bleaches teeth. You can buy this is the form of a kit that you administer at home or your dentist can carry it out in the surgery. The home kits are advantageous in terms of convenience but many prefer to undergo the treatment in the surgery under the tutelage of an expert.
A halfway house between these two approaches is to get your Central London dentist to make you a set of trays based on moulds of your teeth. This helps to overcome the main inefficiency of whitening kits purchased from supermarkets or pharmacies: the trays are, more often than not, ‘one size fits all’. The reality is that everybody’s mouth is different and the gel will be able to work more effectively on your teeth if the trays have been made specifically for your mouth.