06 Mar

Central London dentists fill cavities effectively with cosmetic bonding

Unsightly metal fillings are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. If you have developed a cavity in one of your teeth, you are no longer restricted to metal fillings as your only option to have them filled. Thanks to cosmetic bonding cavities can be filled in a fashion far more discreet and durable than in the past.
Cavities can form in your teeth when excess plaque attacks the hard, protective enamel surface, breaking it down and allowing small holes to appear. You need to get them filled so that the problem does not become worse, leaving the nerves inside your teeth exposed. Once plaque gets a foothold and starts to break down a tooth, it won’t stop unless the cavity is effectively filled.
Metal fillings could often be quite difficult for dentists to place and looked unsightly in the mouth. Increasingly preferred by dentists and patients is the use of dental composite in a technique known as dental bonding. The dental composite is extremely malleable and can be matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth, eliminating feelings of embarrassment about having dark metal fillings in your mouth.
Cavities of most shapes and sizes can be filled using cosmetic bonding, such is the adaptability of dental composite. The use of a special curing light gives an extra brilliant finish to the process and no-one will even notice that you have had your cavities filled.
If you already have metal fillings in your mouth from some time ago and are dissatisfied with the way they look then your dentist might even be able to replace them with cosmetic bonding, leaving you able to feel proud of your smile. Ask your Central London dentist today about the process and what it can do for you.