10 May

Central London dentists fit patients with dentures who are delighted with the results

If you have experienced tooth loss then the really important thing for you to do is to get then replaced with something that replicates their functions properly in your mouth. Eating food without teeth, let alone talking, is difficult at best so you will need to consult your Central London dentist in order to determine what the next step is.
Many patients are opting for the permanence of the dental implants solution. Dental implants essentially involve having a socket placed beneath the gum that will fuse with you jaw bone. Into these sockets, false teeth can be secured and they are provided with an incredibly secure foundation. The solution is a permanent one but requires invasive surgery.
That is why many people still choose to have their dentist fit them with a set of dentures. These are a set of removable false teeth which are held in place either by the suction power of gums or through the use of a bonding agent which can be applied daily. Because they can be removed at any time (although this is more difficult if bonding agent is used) they are attractive as a possible temporary solution while patients make up their mind about whether to undergo surgery to have dental implants.
Dentures are also relatively cheap compared to some other procedures and are far more comfortable than they used to be. The problems of dentures slipping out of the mouth are not as common now that dentists can make dentures more expertly to fit the unique contours of the wearer with greater success. Central London dentists know all about dentures and they will be happy to answer any queries that you have about them so that you can make up your mind if you have lost a number of your teeth.