04 Sep

Central London dentists help parents to negotiate their children’s oral hygiene

From as soon as children are born, it is essential that they are given the best care in terms of their health that it is possible to give. This extends to dentistry as much as other aspects of general health and it is important that young children have their teeth looked after. We only get one set of natural, healthy teeth and if a filling needs to happen in a young child, that filling will always be there.
As a parent, it is your responsibility to take charge of the oral hygiene of your child because they will not be able to look after their mouths properly without adult help. You will need to be monitoring their teeth and gums and the way they are looking after them. For very young children, it is important that parents actively lead the process until they are old enough.
Until the age of two, it is not recommended that children use tooth paste containing fluoride but apart from that, children’s teeth need generally the same type of care that adult teeth do. The primary aim should be the successful and consummate removal of plaque from teeth so that it can’t foment dental decay or gum disease. Just be careful that your child is not brushing too hard because that can cause damage to their gums.
Dental sealants are available for children and this can help with the fight against plaque. Many Central London dentists feel that the most important thing in childhood oral health is the instillation of a sense of personal responsibility so that once they grow out of childhood they have oral hygiene as part of their natural routine.