03 May

Central London dentists help patients with xerostamia so that cavities are avoided

The development of holes in your teeth, known as cavities, is definitely something to be avoided. Teeth cannot grow back once a hole has formed in them and you will need to have a filling installed to protect the rest of the tooth. Most people are aware of the main cause of dental cavities: the build up of plaque which breaks down the protective layer of enamel. But what many are unaware of is that having a persistently dry mouth (known clinically as xerostamia) can be a contributing factor in the formation of dental cavities.
Xerostamia is fairly common amongst older adults and there is panoply of potential causes for the condition. Smokers often suffer because their saliva production is stymied. Those on certain medications and people undergoing certain cancer treatments can also experience extended periods of dryness in the mouth. The mouth often feels sticky and dry and sores can develop.
If this is the case then less saliva is being produced. Aside from aiding in the eating of food, saliva is absolutely crucial in strengthening the enamel which protects your teeth. If there is less saliva then your teeth can be weakened; if they are weakened then there is more opportunity for plaque to break them down and cause cavities.
Your Central London dentist will have been trained in all aspects of xerostamia. They will be adept at spotting the signs of it and then being able to act. Certain mouth washes can help increase saliva production and moisten your mouth and chewing gum and sugar free sweets can do the same. There is several medical solutions too that your dentist might prescribe.