10 Jul

Central London dentists help their patients to choose which method of teeth whitening is best for them

Looking your very best starts with sorting out the little things: the things that you might not immediately think of. To this end, if you want to improve your look in a quick and simple way that won’t cost the earth, consider one of the different methods of getting your teeth whitened. Your wedding photos can’t be taken again if you look back at them and don’t like the look of your stained teeth. Similarly, if you don’t make the right first impression at that job interview, you won’t have another chance.
Teeth whitening comes in many different forms and brands but on a basic level there are two different types: those that are administered at home and those that are carried out by the dentist. Those administered at home are often known as ‘over the counter’ teeth whitening kits because they can be purchased from pharmacies and increasingly from super markets and websites too. The immediate advantage of these kits is that you can complete the treatment in your own time at home.
Those carried out by the dentist might require you to take a few hours off work and can be more expensive but often the results are better. Many people prefer the peace of mind that they get from knowing that it is a dental professional who will be in charge of the work they are having done.
Your Central London dentist ought to be familiar with all the different types of teeth whitening procedures which are on offer. Next time you are in the surgery, have a chat about your options and put an end to dull and stained teeth.