08 Aug

Central London dentists improve patients’ smiles by carrying out cosmetic dentistry

Dentists are not only concerned with the health of your mouth, they can also carry out a variety of procedures which are designed to improve the look of your teeth and gums too. These two areas are of course related because a healthy mouth usually looks better too but a number of people are simply unaware of the exciting variety of procedures which are available from their local dentist that can improve the look of their mouth.
As a whole, these practices are called cosmetic dentistry and they range from teeth whitening to teeth straightening to porcelain crowns and veneers and can even encompass several different procedures in a ‘smile makeover’ package. Many Central London dentists offer interest free repayment packages so that you can spread the cost of these procedures over time. This makes cosmetic dentistry much more affordable than many believe it to be.
Teeth whitening can be achieved in just one short trip to the dentist thanks to special whitening gels and targeted curing lights which clear even the most stubborn looking stains. Teeth can be straightened out with a choice of a number of different methods from the traditional metal brace to clear plastic products and those which work in just six months to align teeth properly.
Porcelain dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns can be fitted in no time at all to conceal unsightly teeth which are stained, chipped, cracked or even broken down. It is the new technology which is becoming commonplace in so many dental surgeries in the United Kingdom that allows this to happen. The results are immensely pleasing for dentists and their patients alike.