19 Mar

Central London dentists offer the best diagnosis of oral cancer

Oral cancer is a nasty affliction which can lead to invasive and painful treatment and, in some cases, death. It is vital that you get to know the signs of oral cancer and allow your dentist to examine your mouth so that he or she can spot them and offer you appropriate diagnosis and the disease can be treated.
If you smoke tobacco or regularly drink alcohol to excess then you are at greater risk of contracting oral cancer. The disease is also more likely to affect men than women, but those outside of these higher risk groupings should be wary of the condition too. The signs of oral cancer can include painful swellings in the mouth or hardened patches which are discoloured and red or rusty, not the healthy pink that most of the inside of your mouth ought to be. You may also find that you are experiencing metallic tastes in your mouth or sudden weightloss.
You can of course examine your mouth at home for these signs, especially when you are brushing. You can look at your mouth in the mirror and feel with your finger for the aforementioned hardened patches. But the best person to examine your mouth is of course your Central London dentist. They are trained to spot all the signs of oral cancer. By catching the disease early you are far more likely to find that it is treatable. The alternative is going through invasive surgery and possible general ill health.
Oral cancer is just another reason why you should get into the habit of visiting your dentist every six months so that your mouth can be looked at thoroughly by a trained professional. It is always better to prevent than to cure.