08 Mar

Central London dentists offer wide variety of cosmetic dentistry to improve smiles

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide variety of procedures which can be carried out to improve the look of your smile. Many people simply live with an imperfection in their teeth but there is no need when cosmetic dentistry procedures are so widely available and often far more affordable than one might think.
Example of cosmetic dentistry procedures include things like porcelain crowns and veneers which are used to cover up teeth which are cracked, chipped or even stained. Not just cosmetic though, these examples actually help improve the functions of the mouth too.
Teeth whitening is another type of cosmetic dentistry and can be carried out in the surgery with your dentist in charge or by using an over the counter kit purchased from a super market or a pharmacy. Some of these methods are able to restore teeth to the brightest possible level of whiteness.
Cosmetic dentistry also covers things like the wide variety of different braces and aligners which are now on the market and can be used to straighten misaligned, crooked, or over crowded teeth. Some of these products are extremely discreet, a vast improvement on the traditional metal brace.
Many of these procedures can be carried out with incredible speed these days thanks to advances in technology, such as CEREC. Digital x-rays are cutting down waiting times and reducing the need for repeat visits to the surgery. An added bonus is that this actually means that many of the costs of these treatments are actually reduced because the lab fees to develop x-rays are eliminated.
If you are not happy with a certain aspect of your smile then you should make an appointment to see your Central London dentist and discuss the various cosmetic dentistry procedures on offer.