18 Apr

Central London dentists tell patients all about the importance of flossing their teeth

Taking care of your oral health is not simply a matter of brushing your teeth twice a day. That is a very important factor but there are a number of other things to bear in mind too. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet and keeping sweet treats to a minimum are also paramount, as is paying regular visits to your dentist to have your mouth checked out for signs of disease. One aspect that can slip under peoples’ radar is flossing but this just as important as the others and failure to do it can have unpleasant and undesirable consequences.
The main aim of flossing, like tooth brushing, is to remove plaque from the teeth. This bothersome substance is formed every time you eat and drink, to a greater or lesser extent depending on what it is that you are consuming. It needs to be removed from the teeth consummately so that dental decay does not occur. By brushing your teeth you will remove most of the plaque in your mouth if your technique is adequate. But there is one place in particular where plaque can lurk, undisturbed by your brush.
This place is in between your teeth. The best way to get to this plaque and remove it from harm’s way is the pull dental floss between your teeth. This will gather the plaque and safely get it out of the way. If you have not flossed before then it might cause you a little discomfort to begin with as it might lacerate your gums somewhat. Although sensitive, your gums are also resilient and the bleeding should stop after a few sessions flossing.
Ask your Central London dentist about flossing and they will be able to go into detail about why it is very much worth doing as part of your oral health routine at home.