15 Sep

Central London dentists tell patients how to floss their teeth and stop gum disease and cavities

Many people are aware of flossing but either don’t get around to it or think it is unnecessary to carry it out. In fact flossing is a vital weapon in the fight against plaque in the mouth and the failure to floss can have, in the long term, consequences as serious as tooth loss through advanced dental decay.
Dental floss is easily available in super markets and pharmacies and is affordable too. It comes in handy, small boxes which means that it can easily be carried around and taken on trips and holidays. Within the boxes you will find a long roll of dental floss that can be torn off into small lengths using a serrated section on the lip of the box. Tear off an amount that will be easily manoeuvrable with both of your hands and pull it in between two teeth. Move it backwards and forwards and then repeat the process in the next gap.
This is necessary to do regularly because brushing alone cannot always remove plaque from what can be tight gaps between teeth. If plaque stays in these gaps then it will begin to erode the protective enamel from the surface of teeth and also cause gum disease. Too much contact between gums and acidic plaque causes gums to become inflamed. If this inflammation spreads to the jaw bone then tooth loss becomes a serious concern.
Central London dentists report that many people are put off flossing because the first time they do it they experience bleeding from the gums. This is quite normal and should cease after a few more time as your gums become hardier.