18 Sep

Central London dentists tell patients that dental bonding lasts longer than metal fillings

The relatively new process of filling cavities using dental bonding or cosmetic bonding, produces results which last longer than fillings using metal. Dental bonding yields fillings which often last over a decade before they need replacing, while metal fillings usually wouldn’t last longer than about seven years. Your central London dentist will be able to give you a consultation concerning dental bonding work but it is worth considering as a way to fill any dental cavities that you have.
Dentists prefer using dental bonding to metal fillings too because the dental composite that they work with is easier to use in cavities than metal. Metal could be inaccurate because it is not a very malleable substance. The opposite is true of dental bonding and patients find that the resultsa re more satisfying.
Perhaps the major boon of dental bonding is the fact that it produces highly adaptable fillings that are the same colour as the teeth which surround them. Many patients of a certain generation feel that they are ashamed of the darkened spots in their mouth where they have metal fillings. This is not a problem for the highly discreet methods of cosmetic bonding.
If you currently have metal fillings then you can easily get them replaced with white fillings that use dental bonding techniques. The results will no doubt please you to a great extent and you can be proud of your smile and feel safe in the knowledge that your cavities are still effectively filled and will last even longer.