11 Sep

Central London dentists tell patients that dental cavities can be successfully avoided with the right care

There are many potential causes of dental cavities but just one course of action if you want to avoid them in the first place. Dental cavities can be painful and inconvenient but by taking the right steps to ensure good oral hygiene you can make sure that you won’t have to deal with the problem in the first place.
Primarily dental cavities are caused by an excess of plaque on the surfaces of teeth. This acidic substance is created when we eat food and drink things that are high in sugar and starch. Plaque is the main reason why we brush our teeth and make sure that plaque is removed from the mouth. Plaque has the capacity to erode the string coating of teeth which is called enamel. This erosion creates holes in the teeth that will not stop growing unless they are filled by dentists.
A period of ill health or an extended lapse in one’s oral hygiene can allow plaque to take hold on teeth. If you have teeth which are particularly bunched up then they might be more prone to the development of cavities because it will be harder to clean them of plaque. In such cases it might be desirable to undergo some sort of tooth straightening treatment to get the requisite levels of spacing between the teeth.
Those who suffer from dry mouth (clinically known as xerostomia) will be more prone to cavities also because they are experiencing a lack of saliva. Saliva not only helps to strengthen enamel but it is also a natural defence against plaque in the mouth. See your dentist in central London if you are having problems with dry mouth or are worried about cavities.