21 Sep

Central London gets braced up!

Braces- love them or hate them; you may need them at some point in your life in central London to promote your smile and your oral health for the future. Before you make your choice though, you should shop around a little first, because there are some great ones on the market right now. If the work you need is complex- you’ll probably need a fixed brace and there are some really delightful options to go for, such as Damon or the 6 Months Smile- both are fast, discreet and effective. However, modern removable aligners are ‘very in’ right now as these work brilliantly. Invisalign is virtually impossible to see once in, and works faster than traditional braces, but the Inman aligner truly is an example of just how far modern orthodontics has come. Its unique design means that your teeth can be straightened in a little as 6 weeks! Sit down with your dentist and weigh up the possibilities before making any decisions; this is and important step in your oral life- so make sure you get it right.