16 Feb

Central London straps in ready for the Inman Aligner

It is amazing when something comes along and gets everyone talking in the dental world. It generally means that it has got something really special going for it and the Inman aligner certainly has that. For a start, it has the most amazing mechanism built into it: a bar pushes against the inside of the teeth and is connected to a spring mechanism at the back of the plate. This in turn triggers the wire that wraps around the outside of the teeth and starts pulling on them. Soon, the teeth are loosened and start to move into the desired position very, very quickly and this is what makes this device make people sit up and take notice: it can get the job done in six weeks! Now of course, that is quite an unnatural speed and so once the treatment is over, you’ll need help from a retainer in order to prevent the teeth from springing back. Another bonus of this device is that you can maintain a high level of oral hygiene throughout the treatment because the aligner is removable. So what is the cost of this beauty? Its starts from around £1200, that’s all!