06 Jun

Central London’s answer to crooked teeth- the Veneer

If you ask dentists in central London how they would suggest remedying to crooked teeth in the mouth, it’s a pretty good bet that most of them would advocate some form of brace or aligner. But for the person who has the crooked teeth, especially the older person, a long drawn out period of orthodontic treatment is very unappealing, some wouldn’t even entertain the idea. So for those people, there is an alternative, the option of having a veneer, which would only take a few weeks to do. Now of course, this depends on just how crooked the teeth are, but it’s worth investigating with your dentist about the possibility. One of the reasons dentists have reservations about this method is that it involves a lot of, some would say, ‘unnecessary’ removal of the tooth’s surface in some cases, so that the veneer can be cemented into place. But on the flip side of the argument, the veneer will restore the straightness to the look of the tooth very quickly; coupled with the fact that veneers look very beautiful and are very strong and durable. If you are in this situation of having crooked teeth, you should definitely explore the possibilities of curing the problem with a veneer.