16 Dec

Central London’s answer to tricky procedures: Waterlase

As dentistry gets up to speed with technology in central London, then treatments become more refined and painless, and there is no better example of this than Waterlase. Laser techniques have made an incredible impact on modern dental procedures and they have eradicated some very painful treatments such as root canal or gum shaping: Waterlase is the perfect example of this. It can be used for basic fillings to complex tooth decay situations and is very radical in the way it works. A laser is very precise and quick; there is no aggression to the affected area that would normally be caused by drilling or the use of a scalpel and within seconds, the situation can be rectified. Whilst the laser is burning out any issues, the Waterlase will also cool the surrounding areas with a water jet; the treatment is incredibly painless so it removes the need for anaesthetics and this is only good for you because it gives you the best treatment for your mouth on the market today.