25 Jan

Central London's never-ending battle against Oral Cancer

Spotting Oral Cancer in Central London
Oral cancer, for all the efforts in finding a solution to it, still haunts a lot of people today in central London and it shows no sign of letting up, in fact the numbers of people being diagnosed are on the rise. A lot of this has been linked with the stress that the city places on people, their diet, poor oral hygiene and bad lifestyle choices- such as smoking and excessive drinking. Still this is a matter of conjecture as some people live the same lifestyle with no problems at all, but there are some obvious ways of spotting the signs of it and caught quickly, it can be treated quickly and so the better the chances of recovering from it, and the biggest plus here is that statistics indicate a greater amount of people are beating the disease. The tell-tale signs are usually recurring problems such as sore throats, lesions, ulcers, poor swallowing and earaches, amongst others. A quick session at the dentists or doctors will reveal any problems and then you will be treated accordingly, depending on how advanced it has become. Once the problem has been rectified, the battle goes on to make sure it doesn’t return and this means changing the way you do everything to give yourself a fighting chance.