03 Apr

CEREC Dental Crowns are Calling the Shots in Central London

Individuals in need of dental crowns to restore damaged teeth, fix to dental implants or serve as anchors for dental bridges may receive CEREC crowns treatment in Central London.
Central London dentists achieve CEREC expertise through additional training and certification. There are different types of dental crowns and not all are crafted with the CEREC integrated treatment centre, which produces bio-compatible restorations within an hour.
All dental crowns may replace large fillings, protect and restore a fractured or broken tooth, attach a bridge, fix to a dental implants as replacement teeth, mask discoloured or irregular shaped teeth and cover a tooth after root canal treatment.
Crowns are considered fixed dental restorations because they become part of existing teeth structure or replace missing teeth. CEREC crowns are ideal to replace old amalgam fillings with mercury-free porcelain crowns.
The difference with CEREC crowns is the procedures used from diagnosis through to the actual porcelain crown finish. Fewer appointments are needed and patients see a before and after CEREC crown 3D visual representation of their mouth so that they know what to expect from treatment.
CEREC precision ensures accurate restoration results without the need for temporary crowns. Treatment time is reduced to as low as 60 minutes so that patients may receive same-day crowns for improved health and quality of life.
CEREC porcelain crowns are easily obtained in Central London for locals and visitors alike. People travel to London from all over the world and choose CEREC crowns for their aesthetically-pleasing look with natural, elegant finish for a brighter, beautiful smile.
For individuals with busy schedules, concerned about one or multiple damaged or lost teeth, and desiring enhanced dental appearance, CEREC porcelain crowns are the perfect means to restore and reshape teeth for healthy oral function and appearance.