12 Oct

CEREC Technology at the London Dental Clinic

When you go visit your London dental clinic, you may need one or several restorations to repair your teeth that have excessive decay and/or root canals. So, how much time are you going to miss from work, how long is this going to take, and how much is it going to cost (i.e., in both time away from work and the price of the dental procedure(s)) Your mind is calculating and then you meet your London dentist, who tells you that this entire process will take only an hour and a single visit. You think to yourself; how can this be? All of you other onlays or crowns took several visits. Your London dentist explains that their dental clinic now has CEREC technology which will allow the dentist to prepare your tooth, take a digital picture of the preparation which gets changed into a 3-D computerised model, and then have the on-site dental laboratory fabricate the restoration. The entire procedure only takes about an hour. Once your dentist and the laboratory are pleased with the computer designed tooth/teeth, a very high quality ceramic block will be milled on-site and then shaded and coloured to match your tooth or teeth. The ceramic blocks are available in many tooth shades, and your dentist can perform a very good match. Once the restoration is tried in the mouth and fitted properly, it is touched up and polished, and then cemented in place. Your dentist also has more control of the final restoration, as it is made in the dental office instead of having to be sent to an outside laboratory.