02 Nov

CEREC technology from London dentist revolutionises dental treatment

There are a number of dental concerns that can benefit from veneers and crowns. Teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken can be reinforced and strengthened by the application of a crown. Veneers are often fitted after dental surgery such as root canals or fillings to secure any procedural work carried out. Veneers are now also commonly used to replace whole sets of teeth that are affected by discolouration or that are worn down or unevenly spaced. Veneers used to take several weeks to manufacture in laboratory conditions and as such were often prohibitively expensive. However with improvements in technology over the last twenty years it is now possible to design, manufacture and fix a whole row of veneers in only one sitting.
At the forefront of this incredible new technology is CEREC. It stands for CEramic REConstruction and is at the cutting edge of dentistry. It has eliminated the need for costly and uncomfortable dental moulds and x-rays. These procedures were also time consuming, adding days and weeks onto the manufacturing process. Now dentists are able to produce images of the patient’s teeth immediately using the latest in 3D imaging and digital x-rays. By creating three-dimensional representations of the patient’s teeth on the computer the dentist can then design a crown or veneer to microscopic degrees of accuracy.
The computer is then able to guide a milling machine in the actual fabrication of a crown or veneer. They can be milled form a single piece of porcelain in as little as six minutes and then fitted to the patient’s teeth immediately afterwards. CEREC veneers can be incredibly thin and also possess the translucent quality reminiscent of actual tooth enamel making them even more lifelike
CEREC technology is definitely the future of dentistry. By reducing waiting and treatment times it will bring down the cost and discomfort of most dental procedures whilst simultaneously improving the quality of treatment. The dental revolution starts here, ask you London dentist about CEREC technology.