05 Sep

Cerec: the next step in dentistry at City of London dentist

Dental crowns and veneers play a very large part in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and have done for many years. However, one of the main drawbacks of crowns and veneers has always been the difficult and complex way in which they had to be manufactured. Once the dentist had taken the various dental moulds and x-rays, the new crowns would need to be designed and manufactured in lab. This could involve up to two weeks of lengthy enamel layering to produce a final result that would be accurate but sill susceptible to flaws.
However, with the introduction of Cerec in the last few years all of this has changed. This new technology has radically cut the amount of time it takes to manufacture new dental replacements, allowing dentists to design, manufacture and fix dental restorations in a single appointment.
How is this possible you may ask yourself? Using new technology such as digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging, dentists can build a microscopically accurate picture of the patient’s teeth on a computer. They can then use this image to design the crown or veneer. Once this design is complete and the City of London dentist is happy with it. They can then instruct a computer to begin the manufacture process. The computer guides a mill which whittles a piece of porcelain into the desired shape.
It is possible to create a completely new dental crown in as little as six minutes per tooth. When you think about the amount of manufacturing time, patients waiting time and treatment time this is saving it really does start to feel like a dental revolution has arrived. You can learn more about Cerec at your next dental appointment by asking your dentist.