03 Sep

Check ups from London dentist saves lives

Looking after the health of your teeth is very important. Not only does dental health affect the way your teeth and smile appears to others but it also acts as an indicator of overall health. People with unhealthy, damaged and infected teeth are at a much greater risk of having other health complications statistically.
The most obvious way of looking after the health of your teeth is by brushing and flossing regularly. This removes the plaque and bacteria that build up on the surface of the teeth and cause problems. London dentists recommend that you brush for at least three minutes, twice a day. This will remove sufficient amounts of plaque, while flossing will remove plaque and trapped food from the small gaps between the teeth.
However, dental hygiene of this sort, while important, is not always enough to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. It is also very important that you keep up regular six-month dental appointments with your London dentist. They will be able to check for the first signs of dental decay or infection that you may not have been able to prevent. They can also treat these initial symptoms, preventing the problem from getting any worse.
London dentists are also trained to look for the signs of more serious problems during dental check ups. This includes spotting the signs of oral cancer, which can be very serious and fatal if not treated early enough.
The bottom line is however, that the more often you visit your dentist for a check up, the healthier your teeth will be and the less likely you will need any kind of treatment in the future. This will save you both time and money, and help to keep your teeth looking clean and healthy.