27 Oct

Checking-in for a Check-up at your London Dentists

So, with all of the most remarkable products available to you on the market to keep your gums and teeth healthy with, what’s the point of going back and forth to the dentists in London for a check-up twice a year? Well foolish person, unless you are a dentist and have a dental theatre in the garage, you’d be a mug to ignore a dental check-up for numerous reasons. The point of a dentist prowling around in your mouth is to ensure you haven’t missed anything at home. Dentists will first start with an x-ray to determine any signs of tooth decay or bone loss in your mouth. Then, they will poke around to see if there is any change in your mouth since you last visited- who knows, the stresses of the city may have caused you to grind your teeth, you may have let your guard down a bit allowing plaque and tartar to set up camp around your teeth, and so on- things you couldn’t possibly have picked up on at home. Any sign of things going wrong and the dentist is in like a shot to save your bacon and stop problems from getting worse- they will even advise you on how to prevent issues from arising again. Then they will clean up any mess you have overlooked, clean and polish your teeth and set you free again to make the same mistakes you made before… thanks for coming and take better care this time eh?! That’s what dentists do, so don’t miss your next check-up.