18 May

Children and Oral Hygiene; some tips on making it interesting by a London dentist

Children like to think of everything as a game, so when you are teaching them about Oral Hygiene, you need to make it interesting and fun in order to get the message across says a London dentist. It`s therefore important to get it right first time, as children can very easily be put off something. Oral Hygiene is a grown up thing and children will see it as such, use this to let them feel grown up and talk to them about their teeth as if they are slightly older. As a parent you will have developed the skill of being a good story teller and giving a simple story lots of expression. When you are cleaning your teeth in the morning, let the children join you and come down to their level. Before you start the brushing, do their flossing for them or let them do it themselves as you do yours, and don`t forget to talk about what you`re doing as you do it. Then the brushing should be also be made fun, put on some music they like and do a little dance with them as you all brush your teeth. They will then grow up associating a fun game with brushing their teeth. Make sure that they understand about tartar and having healthy gums. The earlier you start, the earlier they will make this part of their routine, and routine is what children need in their oral health regime. Children are naturally inquisitive and will ask lots of questions, some of which will make you laugh your socks off. So do your research first on oral hygiene, and be prepared to put your own `little people` twist to the answers. An early start to oral hygiene will mean a lot less time spent in the dentist chair and a lot less tears when the checkups come round. They will see oral hygiene as part of their normal routine.