29 Jun

Chipped Tooth? Your City of London Dentist Can Make it Look Good as New

Whether it is from a sports injury or biting hard food, a chipped tooth can be a painful experience. Using modern materials your local City of London dentist will be able to reconstruct your tooth to its original natural appearance. Several options are available to deal with different levels of severity.
After an evaluation, the process normally begins with the dentist smoothing down any uneven edges of the broken tooth. If the break is small your dentist will be able to fill the gap with a composite resin that can be matched to your natural tooth colour, meaning the filling should be effectively invisible. For more severe damage your dentist will have several other options to fix the tooth. Attaching crowns or veneers will recreate the original cosmetic appearance and return full functionality.  Dental bonding can also be used to repair further damage that may have been done to the tooth. While the cosmetic appearance may be the most obvious issue of a chipped tooth, it is essential to remember that any underlying problems must be addressed as well.
If the chip has caused serious damage to the tooth the root may be exposed. It is important to visit your local dentist as soon as possible if this is the case. Exposed roots can easily become infected causing great pain and permanent damage to the entire tooth. Your dentist will be able to perform root canal treatment on the tooth in order to remove the root and any infection before filling the tooth to restore its structural integrity. Never ignore a chipped tooth, your local dentist will help prevent any further damage and restore your full smile.