16 Nov

Choosing a Lumineer in the city of London

There is an ever increasing trend in the city of London to get the perfect Hollywood smile and there are many options to choose from. But a quick fix that might be worth considering is lumineers. They will hide any stains or cracks and re-instate the original look of the tooth. Made from patented porcelain, they are strong and wafer thin compared to normal veneers and their great advantage is that the treatment involves minimal preparation of the tooth. With porcelain veneers, a lot of the tooth is removed before the veneer is cemented on. But with a lumineer, they are simply bonded onto the surface of the tooth, making the treatment reversible. They can also be used in conjunction with crowns and bridges. Preparation and fitting can take about 2 weeks, unless you take the CEREC option, where the treatment can be done in a day. Because the tooth has minimal preparation, it negates the use of a temporary veneer whilst the new lumineer is being manufactured. Fitting is simple they are bonded to the teeth and cured using a light. The main disadvantage is they are not as durable as a traditional veneer and last only around 3 years. But they are comparable in price to other techniques and the results are illuminating.