22 Nov

Choosing a porcelain crown in London

Over time, our teeth can take quick a battering causing cracks, wear and decay and if unchecked, can lead to more serious problems. It can also affect the aesthetics of the overall look of the mouth and the smile. According to most dentists in London, this is the time that action is needed and crowns may be the answer. Crowns cover an existing tooth that has been damaged by an injury or decay, or can be fitted over an implant to replace a missing tooth. The procedure is fairly straight forward, with the tooth having to be prepared first. The teeth will be cleaned and then moulds taken so that the new crown can be manufactured to size and cemented over the existing tooth. What type of crown you choose depends on your individual vanity requirements. Porcelain crowns are the more cosmetically popular because they posses the most natural translucent appearance. But the problem of an all-porcelain crown lies in its strength; therefore, they are the more obvious choice for teeth at the front of the mouth. Where the majority of biting and chewing is done at the back of the mouth, a dentist may advise on a stronger crown, such as the porcelain-fused-over metal type. In both cases, porcelain crowns are very cosmetically rewarding and if treated with care, very durable, lasting up to 15 years. Costs are reasonable too, and comparable with other cosmetic treatments, starting from £150 per tooth.