09 Oct

Choosing beautiful Porcelain Veneers in Central London

There are a lot of treatments around today to help put the zest and zeal back into your smile and each has its place in central London, but there is really only one option to go for if your gums have started to recede, your teeth are wearing down and have become cracked and discolored- porcelain veneers, for these will cover up all of these issues and set your smile on fire again. Your teeth have to first be prepared and the enamel removed before an imprint can be taken of your teeth. This is sent away to a lab far away so that your fittings can be made. This will take normally between 2-3 weeks during which, you will be fitted with dummy veneers. The when they return, they will be glued into place and cured by a heat source. Once your dentist is happy with the fit and cleaned you up, you are sent into the wide smiling the sheen of an Italian statue. In some cases you needn’t wait the 3 weeks: if you find a surgery that is set up with CEREC, this whole process can be completed in about an hour and a half.