20 Jan

Choosing CEREC in Central London

Wouldn’t it be fanatastic if you woke up one morning in central London with a pocket full of money, yawned in front of the mirror and thought to yourself ‘right that’s it, I’m gonna get my teeth done- today!’. Well, thanks to a system call CEREC, you can. If you decide that you want a crown, or some veneers to hide those cracks, gaps or stains, or even a bridge to plug a gap, the process would’ve normally taken a couple of weeks, because the new fittings would have had to be manufactured in a lab, but with CEREC, the work can be done at the dentists. Once you arrive, the dentist will take digital photos of your mouth and then log them into a computer, to get a 3D image of the work to be done. This information is then fed into a machine, and the new fittings manufactured on the spot. Whilst this takes place, the dentist can prepare the teeth, carry out any other work that needs to be done, and then complete the operation. Also, if there are any problems with the fittings, they can be adjusted on the spot. And having this treatment is no more expensive than having this type of work done in the traditional way. Essentially then, you walk into the dentists with a tired looking mouth and come out again with a new look in as little as an hour and a half!