03 Aug

Choosing Dental Implants over Dentures, by a London dentist

More and more people are choosing Dental Implants these days, even though dentures have vastly improved and bridges are much quicker to fit. A London dentist says that although the operation is a drawn out one, the maintenance of an implant after it is fitted outweighs the daily procedures in keeping dentures in place and clean. Having a bridge fitted involves grinding down the tooth enamel and that never grows back. Implants are permanent, easy to maintain and last much longer than any other type of artificial tooth. After a fashion the patient doesn’t even remember that they have an artificial tooth, it is cleaned and looked after just like a real is. It has all the same uses that a real tooth has and is of course free from any inner chamber infections. There are many reasons why we lose our teeth, but when we do it leaves us with a wonky smile or eating problems. Many people don`t get on with dentures as they can make them gag, and they need so much daily care, so an implant is the easy answer. The operation to fit them is fairly easy and pain free, it is usually done under a local anaesthetic. It involves an integration of a plate with the jaw bone, and this can take months to achieve, after that it is a simple matter of fitting the new artificial teeth to the plate via poles screwed into the plate. They can then be used straight away.