14 May

Choosing Lava Crowns in the City of London

So what is a Lava crown I hear you cry people of the city of London? Well, a lot of crowns are made from porcelain, however, a crown needs to be strong too so they cover a metal base. Strong yes, but the metal tends to stop that pure hue and translucence that pure porcelain gives of; not so with the Lava crown.
This crown is a precision milled fitting made from a zirconium framework and covered in layers of veneer ceramics, making it fracture resistant and as strong as metal based crowns, yet more natural looking than nature itself with up to 8 shades available for the zirconium frame and up to 16 for the veneer layers.
But it really comes into its own when used in the manufacture of dental bridges and being so strong, it can be used be used to spread over the loss of 3-4 teeth and then bonded onto the teeth that remain making them fit in not only aesthetically, but making them biocompatible too with the rest of the teeth.The one other redeeming feature about this fitting is that it eliminates they grey around the gums caused by metal based crown. Oh yes, Lava is all about the look!