13 Apr

City of London Dental Clinic Offers Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Your City of London dentist will recommend different types of orthodontic treatments depending upon your individual situation. Your City of London dentist may suggest the Invisalign® or the Inman aligner if they feel you are a good candidate. Invisalign® is made up of a sequential series of clear plastic trays to place over your teeth using computer technologies, The Invisalign® system is comfortable, nearly invisible, and usually takes one-half to one-third the time of regular orthodontics. Some cases where Invisalign® isn’t used include very crowded teeth or teeth that are only partially erupted, and shouldn’t be a substitute for required regular orthodontics. If your City of London dentist that feels that you are a good candidate for Invisalign® after examining your mouth, your dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination, complete with dental X-rays and diagnostic plaster casts. The casts will then be sent to the laboratory where a series of 12-48 clear plastic sequential aligners are fabricated. Your dentist will then help you and show you how to place your first aligner tray. This tray will snap over your teeth, but may feel that it doesn’t fit correctly. The aligners are fabricated to accurately fit your teeth when your teeth reach their new desired position. Your City of London dentist may also suggest the Inman Aligner that functions to straighten your upper and lower front teeth quickly. This removable appliance only takes six to eight weeks to achieve its desired results. It works by cooperatively applying mild forces to the front and back of the front teeth simultaneously; moving them into position The Inman Aligner uses miniature springs to maintain its tightness. Both of these accelerated orthodontic treatments are well tolerated.