10 Jul

City of London Dental Hygienist Offers Advice about Protecting Your Teeth

Although it’s a cliché, prevention is better than cure. When dental problems occur your first visit should be to your dentist. But when it comes to advice about prevention and care your local City of London dental hygienist may be able to help. Normally based in a dentist’s office, hygienists are trained to know the causes of major problems and what can be done to prevent them. They will be able to help you with any specialist questions about dental hygiene, from how to stop tooth decay and keep your teeth white, through to how to reduce bad breath and keep your teeth strong.
One of the key issues in dental care is the protection against plaque, a layer of bacteria that can build up on your teeth from food particles. With attention plaque will slow erode your teeth and cause cavities in your teeth, which may start small but can grow to destroy the entire tooth. Your hygienist will be able to talk your through the importance of brushing and how often it needs to be done. They normally recommend a soft bristled brush, these can be used to clean along the gum line with causing abrasions. Flossing is also highly recommended for getting at the spots out of reach of your tooth brush.
Beyond advice, your hygienist is also trained in some teeth maintenance tasks such as scaling and polishing. This is a heavy duty clean which can remove plaque that has hardened into calculus, and become too hard and stubborn to be removed with a simple toothbrush. Electric instruments allow them to do a very thorough clean.