20 Jul

City of London Dental Practice Offers Oral Surgery for Patients in Need

Oral surgery is an important tool for your dentist to treat a wide range of different dental issues. The majority of people will at some point in the lives have some form of minor or major oral surgery. These fall into three main types: prosthetics, endodontics, and orthodontic.
Prosthetics is the addition of artificial components into the mouth to aid in functionality or cosmetic appeal. The majority of people have had prosthetic surgery of some form, most commonly this is with the installation of a filling or crown which are additions to a tooth to add great strength and security.
Endodontic surgery is any work that deals with the pulp and root of the teeth. These areas of soft tissue are vital in the health of your teeth. Endodontic surgery may be necessary if gum disease or tooth cavities cause an infection to spread to the root or pulp. Root canal treatment is the most commonly performed form of endodontic.
Orthodontic surgery deals with the aligning of the teeth within the mouth. Normally fixed with some form of braces, orthodontic seeks to give you a nice straight row of teeth for your smile and assure that angled or crooked teeth don’t cause greater problems.
Within these basic groups of oral surgery there are a great many speciality areas that your City of London dentist can go into further detail about if need be. Much oral surgery can be done with only a mild local anaesthetic which wears off in a timely fashion. More major surgeries may need a general anaesthetic, though these cases are very largely in the minority.