17 Jul

City of London Dentist can Restore Your Teeth with Dental Bridges.

Don’t suffer with a missing tooth, ask your City of London dentist whether a dental bridge can help you. Dental bridges are permanent prosthetic features of your mouth. They do not require the major surgery required of dental implants and they do not involve the same hassle as dentures. A good dental bridge will last you many years and be indistinguishable from your real teeth.
Fixed dental bridges, on variant of bridges, are the most secure but will only work if there are healthy teeth next to the gap on which to support the bridge. If this arrangement is available, your dentist will fill down the adjacent healthy teeth and prepare them for crowns to fit snugly and securely on top. X-rays, photographs and digital scans are then taken to get a thorough impression of the dental area. From these images it is possible for your dentist to have a dental bridge made specifically to your specifications. The bridge will consist of two crowns permanently bonded on either side of false tooth. When your dentist attaches the two crowns to your healthy, shaped teeth they will act as support to the false tooth. The false tooth will fit perfectly within the gap and be extremely secure because of the anchors.
Once you have a dental bridge it is still very important continue practicing good dental healthy, this means brushing twice a day and frequently flossing. Your dentist will also be able to show you how to clean under and around the bridge to make sure that no plaque has the opportunity to build up.