30 Nov

City of London Dentist Explains How Getting a Dental Crown is Easier Than You Think

If you have severe damage to your teeth such as a crack, a chip, or a broken tooth that cannot be repaired with a simple filling, you will want to consider a dental crown placement. Don’t panic, it is a much easier process than you imagine! Your dentist in the City of London will make the procedure of a dental crown placement easy for you and help you restore your oral health. Getting a dental crown placement usually requires just two visits. During the first visit, x-rays of your affected tooth will be taken and your dentist will assess what sort of permanent crown will best suit you. Typically, porcelain, a combination of porcelain and metal, and gold are the materials used for dental crowns. It may take up to three weeks for your customised permanent crown to be made, so meanwhile, your dentist will fix you up with a temporary crown during your first visit. With a temporary crown, you will have to avoid certain types of foods that require thorough chewing, but soon you will have your permanent crown that will restore your oral health and let you chew and smile with confidence again. Your permanent dental crown can last up to fifteen years with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist, an easy solution for severe problems.