14 Dec

City of London dentist helps patients maintain good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene can be determined by a few obvious signs. A healthy mouth is a mouth that looks good and smells clean. More specifically, this means a mouth where the teeth are clean and free of debris, where gums are pink and healthy and are not irritable or caused to bleed when brushing. And obviously bad breath is a sign that all is not well in the oral cavity.
If you are experiencing any of these problems you will need to change your oral hygiene regime. Your City of London dentist or dental hygienist can advise you of the best and most effective ways to clean your teeth and gums and recommend products best suited to your teeth.
Effective cleaning can usually be attained by correct brushing and flossing. Dentists recommend brushing the teeth twice a day for three minutes holding the brush at a forty-five degree angle to the surface of the teeth. It is important to use a brush with suitable bristles for your teeth and gums and to use a toothpaste with suitable fluoride levels.
Flossing helps to remove food and plaque that is caught between the teeth and cannot be removed with a regular tooth brush. Decaying food matter between the teeth is the cause of over 90 per cent of cases of bad breath. Other cleaning tools that can benefit oral hygiene include interdental brushes to clean between teeth and tongue scrapers to remove some of the 6 million bacteria that live in the moist grooves on the tongue.
Not only will good oral hygiene keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy but it helps to protect teeth from decay and gums from disease. A healthy mouth can also be indicative of a more general well-being.