13 Mar

City of London dentist prevents gum disease by keeping your teeth healthy

It sounds fairly obvious to say it, but having healthy gums usually means having healthy teeth. Maintaining a good standard of oral hygiene at all times is the key to avoiding nasty and painful oral conditions such as dental decay and gum disease. Most patients who have healthy gums also have healthy teeth and vice versa. This is because by effective cleaning of the teeth, you will also be ensuring the health of your gums.
Good oral hygiene involves effective brushing, with a soft brush and appropriate toothpaste, and also flossing. Brushing should be carried out twice a day for three minutes and flossing at least once a day. This will help to remove bacteria from the surface of the teeth and the small gaps between them. This can help to keep teeth free from decay and gum tissue healthy and able to fight off infection and irritation.
Effective oral hygiene should always be backed up by six-monthly visits to a City of London dentist. They will be able to offer the best advice about how to keep you teeth and gums healthy. They can also treat the first signs of gum disease to prevent it becoming any worse. This is very important, especially as more severe gum disease has string links to heart disease and even fatal heart attacks.
By neglecting your oral hygiene you may be allowing plaque to get the upper hand. This can cause gum disease, as it will irritate the gum tissue until it becomes infected. By keeping your teeth free from plaque, you will limit the chances of any gum irritation and help to prevent infection.