13 Jul

City of London Dentist Says Empress Veneers are the Strongest Available

Empress veneers are the strongest form of veneer and recommended by many dentists as the only real option when it comes to creating a strong, long lasting and good looking veneer. As veneers become increasingly popular there have been a number of new types coming on to the market. Empress veneers have been around for a while and have shown themselves to be some of the strongest available. The other major type of veneers are called feldspathic, while these are not as strong they have a great range of white shades and have a greater cosmetic appeal for some people.
Visit your City of London dentist to talk about which veneer would be right for you. While it is largely a personal decision your dentist will help you consider the placement of the veneer and whether that will have a large effect on the veneer’s life span. Even though it might not be quite as bright white, in high impact areas of your teeth it is highly recommended that you opt for empress veneers because of their greater strength.
The process of getting veneers is fairly straight forward but may require a few visits to the dentist for measurements, fitting and follow ups. During the procedure your dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. They will then prepare the surface before bonding the veneer directly on to the tooth. The veneer will sit firmly against the tooth and be the only thing visible by other people. If you wish for the colour of feldspathic and strength of empress veneers your dentist may offer to layer the former over the later in order to get the best of both worlds but this is not always possible and you will need to speak to your dentist about whether it is right for you.