21 Jun

City of London Dentist Talks About the Advances in Tooth Tattooing

City of London dentists are treading new ground in exploring the possibilities of tooth tattooing. New technique now allows cosmetic dentistry that places small tattoo designs directly on to your teeth. When done by professionals tooth tattoos are safe and non-toxic. All the art work is custom designed and will be completely unique to you.
The most common location for the tattoo is the back molars which offer a large enough surface area on which to put a design. It is possible to have it done on either cheek or tongue side of the teeth. Molar tattoos allow discretion for you and allow you to share the secret tattoo with only those you choose. If you are bolder it is possible to have your front teeth tattoo for the whole world to see every time you smile.
If you don’t wish for your teeth to be tattoo directly it is also possible to have designer crowns and bridges put into your mouth. Many companies can prepare medically safe designs to your specification which are then placed with the standard dental practices on to your teeth. Visit your dentist to have an impression of your teeth made which can then be used in the production of your designer crowns or bridges, guaranteeing the perfect fit.
It is advised to speak to your local dentist before undergoing any tooth tattooing and have them do a full assessment to make sure no complications will arise.