01 Aug

City of London dentist talks about the Invisalign brace and its advantages

The Invisalign aligner is a brace by any other name, and it works like a conventional brace says a City of London dentist. The innovation is that it works in a modern way, and one of its really best advantages is that it can be removed at any time and simply replaced back in position afterwards. Your dentist will consult with a computer programmer and an orthodontist during the process, which is all rather 21st century and ingenious. From a series of X-rays and digital photos, which are scanned into the program, the orthodontist will get all the pressure measurements and positions of the teeth involved. These are all built into a clear plastic retainer which is like a gum shield and which is worn in the same way.  The dentist also gets a 3D film made as a CGI that allows you to see the way the teeth will be pulled into position to straighten them. The end of the film will give you an image of the end result, and you can track the progress every two weeks when the braces are changed. It can be removed by the client at any time to clean their teeth or for eating in more comfort, as long as its worn for at least 20 hours a day, no harm is done to the program so use this advantage wisely.