04 Apr

City of London Dentist Treats Gum Disease

Gum disease (gingivitis) is prevalent in the U.K. Your City of London dentist can help you with your gum problems. The signs and symptoms of gingivitis include gum swelling, temperature increase in the gums, redness, bleeding and/or pus around the gums, and pain. Gum disease begins when bacteria builds-up around the teeth and gums that are not adequately removed, and these bacteria and their by-products and end-products cause the gum tissue to become inflamed. Gingivitis is caused by these local conditions, but can be made worse if the body’s defences are weak. If you recognise the symptoms of gingivitis and seek help early on, gingivitis can be reversed. However, if not treated early-on and/or properly, gingivitis can cause oral bone loss (periodontal disease), with the result(s) being tooth loosening and/or tooth loss. Periodontitis can also lead to more severe pain, abscesses and bad breath (i.e., halitosis), or can go unnoticed until you visit your City of London dentist. .
Your City of London dentist will alleviate your gum pain, and can properly treat your gum disease. Your dentist and staff will teach you the proper brushing and flossing techniques, and emphasize that the key to good gum health is prevention. It is highly recommended that you visit your dentist regularly for regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. Your City of London dentist and dental hygienist will instruct you on the proper home care of your teeth and gums. You should make sure that you brush your teeth two times daily for at least 2 minutes each time, and floss your teeth at least once daily. Your City of London dentist may refer you to a gum specialist (periodontist), if your gum disease is too far advanced. Tooth scaling, root planning, and gum scraping can help combat gum disease, along with antibiotic treatment. There are occasion where gum surgery may be required to solve your gum problems.